Ahh do you remember the glory days of 2019 when all we had to worry about was Brexit and who won Love Island? 2020 you have been a complete fucknut, particularly for musicians. It looks like music will end up in the Champions League places for industries most impacted by all this Corona shit, and as we spend most of our time trying to help musicians, we’ve had quite a bit to do the last few months.

One of the things we’ve done is put together a series of advice videos to help you during Corona, there’s two main themes:

  1. Help specific to the Corona impact and how to overcome them / it.. Grants, loans plus help on the self employment side of things.
  1. Dad like nudges re things that the Corona time-out creates an opportunity to finally sort out, I’m sorry to tell ya but there is no excuse left to not fill in those PRS forms. And when you’ve done that.. Go tidy your room!

You can see six vids covering all sorts of the above, in this playlist on up and coming video site youtube: