Hip Hop Mix of The Gossip?

You gotta hand it to the Zipper, listen to his show in full and you do get the full 360 of where things are at the mo, not just introducing you to new stuff but also confirming you’re not the only one who’s been lovin BENGA and COKI – ‘Night’ for ages, feels like months since we first mentioned that track but as we aint been going that long it can’t be!

It may be sad and immature (but hey at least I’m honest with myself and you) but I do get a naff sense of satisfaction when Zane intro’s a new tune or ‘exclusive’ and we’ve already done the honours on Brand Nu. The main causes of Smug self satisfaction on last night’s awesome show were the afore mentioned BENGA, the new HADOUKEN – ‘Leap of Faith’ and the awesome YOUNG KNIVES – ‘Terra Firma‘. The AKALA interview was very entertaining, really like his ‘Bit by Bit‘ track but love his freestyle over Gossip’s Standing in the Way even more.

But, but, but props where they are due, new in my world and possibly yours (although I know you’re normally a step or two ahead of us all) courtesy of Zane were the new GORILLAZ – ‘Rockitwhich I just can’t describe (not because I’m being childish and refuse to, I genuinely find it difficult and not just because I only heard the last minute), you need the new PENDULUM track ‘Granite‘ in your life and having now heard three new HIVES tracks (Latest ‘Well All Right‘) I cannot wait for their new album. Be very excited.

nml x