HipHop Album Of The Year

I have a lot of respect for the work of HIGH CONTRAST, I also thought I was quite across his work but this track had passed me by until now. ‘Seven Notes In Black’ is a bit darker than I usually like from HC but the slightly tubular bells build up to the dark heart of the track really works for me.

Every single leak I’m hearing from the new BLACK EYED PEAS album is totally, totally on it, these guys really know how to make their beats. If forced to pick a stand out so far it would ‘Imma Be’ but I’m reserving the right to change my mind and also be out seduced by a yet to be heard cut from the HipHop album of the year (and yes this is defo a HipHop album).

Thanx to NME Radio for introducing us to the delights of ‘WE HAVE BAND’. I like the swagger of this track, love the groove and am been driven made trying to work out who the singer’s speech delivery reminds me of, and that’s before it goes a bit Peter, Bjorn and John in the middle! Check out ‘You Came Out’.



Hear The Track: