Hockley Hustle

Ventured up to Robin Hood land on Sunday to enjoy the fabulous sounding Hockley Hustle. 10/15 baby venues within ten mins walk hosting a wide variety of artists and genres, a New Music Orgy you might say. And I enjoyed the orgy thoroughly I can tell you with no dodgy stains to soil my memories (time to end the disturbing innuendo me reckons) and in fact I felt warm, fluffy and moralistic after as all proceeds went to charity.

My picks of the day were:

PAPA LA BAS who are quite hard to describe, they’re different that is for sure. Full live band set up but more hiphop than indie, more Portishead than Oasis, if this was 1995 we’d have called them TripHoppers I guess. I really liked the enchanting groove to ‘Died In Your Arms’.

DIRTY KANVUS have a pretty classic guitar band set-up but of a much higher quality than your average local rockers, throw in more than a smidge of psychedelia and funk and you’re really starting to tick a lot my boxes. Stand out track for me was ‘Lets Make Our Getaway’.

ENDEMIC NO CURE is the man in Notts HipHop or so I am told, I guess Mr Westwood would call him the ‘Big Dawg’ of Notts. I’m no expert but there is no doubting the energy, vibe and in particular funk in his half djing/ half live set with some fierce MCing from a list of dudes (and even a dudette) whos names I just couldn’t catch (Cappo?). Fav track which I caught the name of and is on myspace is ‘Pthyon’.

nml x


END http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=13227584

DIRTY http://www.myspace.com/dirtykanvus

PAPA http://www.myspace.com/papalabasuk