Holy Naughty Word

The whole RADIOHEAD vibe is really confusing me. Lets be honest what’s changed they’ve always been liable to create such confusion in your mind. Problem is this time I have the Seven Commandments of Brand Nu to uphold. Is every track on the new album ‘In Rainbows’ now old? It really brings home this problem of what counts as released? Only physical releases? Or is the moment anything is available electronically ‘it’? The equivalent of penetrating the Virgin’s hyman regardless of whether you continue through to mutual or even just individual satisfaction. It is then old and stale music?

The Big Man clearly didn’t think about these technological invocations when passing down his musical intentions to Moses. I’ll whisper this just in case it doesn’t count as new… I think the ‘new’ album is great.

I also thing Oi Va Voi’s track Gypsy‘ is great as well as very random which you know I like, if some one made a ‘random funk’ album I think that would quite possibly become my favourite record of all time very quickly. Or perhaps that should have been fucking great in honour of….

Holy Fuck. What a great name, talk about ensuring yourself no radio play and not giving a damn, I like that attitude and I really like ‘Super Inuit’ which is I believe on the Young Turks label. From Canada this lot apparently, those crazy Canadians ey?

nml x