Hot Cartoon Characters

The phrase BEACH HOUSE instantly makes me think of hot cartoon characters and one of them Hed Kandi albums. My auto-sensory associations are going to have to recalibrate now thanx to this awesome new band. Please check out their song ‘Zebra’, its lovely it is.

Keeping on the beautiful vibe (can ya tell I had a chilled weekend?!) my ears had their first meeting over the last few days with an artist called NNEKA. If you like music with soul your experience with ‘The Uncomfortable Truth’ will be as positive for you as it was for me. Great, great voice.

Maintaining the female vocal theme but totally changing the vibe ESTELLE has a new track out and she’s properly riding the electro influence that’s all over urban music at the mo. In fact she pretty much bends it over and gives it a metaphorical seeing to. ‘Freak’ is dirty, squelchy and in your face. Not the Estelle UK soul fans know and love, but I like it!



PS Check out Zane Lowe tonight on Radio One for first play of BRAND NU MGMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I’m nervous too.