Hot Men

May I just briefly re-emphasise how much I am loving Jack Penate’s new track? Don’t normally do rementions but I only put Jack in my ‘Honourable Mentions’ of the first Top Three of 2009 and it has just grown and grown on me from a lust at first sight to full out will you marry me love.

While we’re talking about early Jan mentions I have heard a couple of tracks of the new PASSION PIT album… Big! Big! Big!

I had the pleasure of meeting this week a band on tour from Liverpool I’d never heard of before, I will not forget them! PICTURE BOOK are an incredibly exciting band with a unqiue vocalist partial to playing the violin sandwhiched between two beat makers so dynamic and energetic I found myself almost fancing them! Its hard to pick out a stand out so enraptured was I by the whole set but if pushed I’d say ‘Strangers’.

Have you heard of KATE GOES?¬† ‘All We Wanna Do Is Oh!’ is an enticing and frenetic one minute of Pippettes-ISH bubble gum indie, and you know how much I like my bubbley gum.

nml x

PS Had quite a few emails asking why I haven’t mentioned the new CALVIN HARRIS track. Simple answer is as much as I have loved Calvin in the past this just isn’t doing it for me and as I only do positive, encouraging blogging there has been no reason to mention it.