House That Grabs Your Ass

Couple of big House tracks really standing out from my weekend.

Already declared my love for LCD Soundsystem’s new track ‘Drunk Girls’ but have you had a chance to throw some rave shapes to the epic HOLY GHOST Remix of it? Particularly when it really kicks in half way thru, Big In The Game!

The new track from CHOCOLATE PUMA is equally as infectious. A massively catchy beat that’s the right side of the engaging// annoying divide ‘Back Home’ is one of those House tracks that feels like its grabbing your ass and making ya move so infectious is its beat and groove.

Handbrake turn to New Music from THE CORAL. Not always my cup of tea these guys but this new tune is ‘proper great’ (said in my best dodgy Scouse accent of course). The blog I’ve linked to doesn’t seem that bothered bout ‘1000 Years’ but I think this is really good, if ya like your indie pop you should love this track.