How old is Radio One?

As an obsessive lover of all things new this is the point at which I really need to indulge in a bit of a rant against Radio One and all this 40th Birthday shenanigans. Should our supposed defender of all things new really being spending so much time playing old music and celebrating that its so old itself? In fact the only thing older than the station is its rosta of nearly fifty something djs!

BUT BUT BUT as blasphemous as this may be I can’t really rant cause I’ve heard a couple of great one-off shows courtesy of Macca and Gallagher, and everytime I hear one of those cheesy old skool jingles it brings a big smile to my face. So Radio One I’ll let you off for now but as of next week it better be back to new or I’ll be back listening to that obscure online Slovak techno station ; 0 )

nml x