The new track from EMBERS is big, make that huge, actually let’s go for a no holds bar GINORMOUS (yes capitals, deal with it). I stop to question myself when talking about music in terms of ‘size’, then I reflect and realise there is no more apt way to describe tunes such as ‘Sins Unknown’, it just feels so big. Flying it your ears, zooming round your body, reaching every extremity before feeling like its stretching you out four  inches taller, musical high heels and then some. Just love this track, even if I can’t express that love coherently.

HYPHEN HYPHEN are pretty fucking huge too (musically, I’m not implying they have any body mass index issues). Saw them live last night and they absolutely destroyed the stage (war metaphors another linguistic tool that makes me feel uneasy, but they reallydid blow it apart, balls done it again). They look brilliant and sound even better, imagine Late of the Pier and Bjork having a rave in the first class lounge of a French airport. The glam, the lights and the beats are very much compliments to great songs passionately sung, this is not an outfit where ‘gimmicks’ hide musical short comings. If these guys were from Shoreditch every A&R in Christendom would be creaming themselves dreaming of getting their signature. As it is there from Nice so we’ll have to hope their music talks loud enough to get them the opportunities their live performance deserves.

I’ve liked everything CYMBALS have done so far, third single ‘Like An Animal’ makes it a hat-trick, I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic at the news. Huge probably isn’t the right description for this track but it’s certainly big, in an epic, rolling, landscapey kinda way. It builds, and builds, and builds into a hypnotic almost House-Esque (and Deep House at that) vibe whilst very much being a piece of music by a band, guitars, bass (very much bass) and all. Love it.




EMBERS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdbcxz4UB0k

HYPHEN HYPHEN: http://soundcloud.com/hyphenhyphen

CYMBALS: http://soundcloud.com/tough-love/cymbals-like-an-animal-12