I Love Camp Disco

I really like the new MOBY track which has a really quirky disco feel, which isn’t that surprising when its made by a New York based quirky bl0ke who is very fond of disco. ‘I Love You’ is also rather chilled and camp. An interesting concoction all round!

The artist SOUTH EAST is I believe also from America and their tune is also quite quirky with a veneer of chill-out vibes about it. Rather than being disco inspired ‘Ways To Enter’ has some really nice DnB beats that make it a really enjoyable and eclectic little number. My mental age of 13 also makes me giggle childishy at the suggestive name.

Keeping the chilled vibe going (you can tell what mood I’ve been in can’t ya?) but perhaps more accurately on a deep vibe is the re-edit of WILLIE HUTCH’s ‘Brothers Going To Work It Out’ which is an absolutely fab piece of deep, groovey House Music. Love it I do.

Wishing you splendid weekend : 0 )

nml x