I Loves It I Do

Understandably when an album lands focus is on the lead single but for me it’s all about wrapping your ears around the new beast and finding that new gem hidden away on track six or summat. With the new CHEMICAL BROTHERS Album ‘Further’ look no further than ‘Dissolve’. Classic Chems building and building and building with a hint of psychedelia. Love it.

You’ll have gathered over the years I’m a big fan of FOALS which might make you wonder as to my opinion on new song ‘Miami’ cause it is a bit different. Well you needn’t wonder or ponder ‘cause I loves it.

CHIEF are a brand new band to me that I also loving right now, see a theme developing here?! You can tell they’re American, you can pretty much tell they’re West Coast too, just something about their musical vibe, the drawl in the dudes voice. Fav track at the mo ‘Breaking Walls’ sounds great in the car with the sun setting. Yes I loves it.




FOALS: http://www.muzu.tv/foals/miami-music-video/670666?country=gb

CHIEF: http://www.myspace.com/chieftheband