I Missed You

So dya miss me? I missed you, what ya mean that’s what I say to all the New Music Lovers?? You’re the special one, I promise. Seriously it’s been a right pain in the gluteus maximus not being able to natter with ya, name check tunes and generally indulge in our mutual love of New Music. Finally thanks to IT Amigos Ben, Jon and Chris we are back sharing more than just a once a week list of tunes.

First off on the Disco House tip a track that could have been made ten if not fifteen years ago, so dripping in 90s Disco House vibes it is. Guaranteed to make the straightest man dance like Love Parade Trannie Queen  check out LINDSTROM & CHIRSTABELLE ‘Baby Cant Stop’. Norway we thank you for this musical gift!

Flip that now for a tune that is totally here and now, the Electro Soul of THEOPHILUS LONDON. I think ES is a good description, soulful with a clear electronic influence, a great track with quite an innovative sound. Check out ‘Cold Pillow’.

On the guitars vibe my fav Newbie weekend just gone is from New Yorkers WHITE RABBITS who’s track ‘Percussion Gun’ is defo worth a listen.

Missed you




LINDSTROM: http://www.myspace.com/feedelity

LONDON: www.myspace.com/theophiluslondon

RABBIT: http://www.myspace.com/whiterabbits