If It Was A Penis I Don’t Know How Long It Would Be But…

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I’m becoming something of a fan of the dancefloor antics of HIS MAJESTRY ANDRE and that fanship has only increased thanx to new track ‘Puppets’. A real phat feel to this track, if it was a penis I don’t know how long it would be but if would definitely have substantial girth.

Speaking of tracks likely to stimulate dancefloor antics the CHASE & STATUS Remix of White Lies’s ‘Death’ is an absolutely mahoosiv track. Sometimes when a great track and a great remixer come together our ears enter engagement with the musical result so full of expectation that more often than not we end up feeling slightly let down, kinda dirty, partially used. Bit like bad sex I guess. Well this tune is a full on all night multi-organism straight out of the DnB Karma Sutra!

The girl next door who obviously wants to have an all-nighter with Chase and Status but has been warned off them by her Mum (who secretly fancys a bit of course) is YELLE. A French artist quite rightly getting loadza of love (in a wholesome, family kinda way ya perv) on the blogs, ‘Qui Est Cette Fille? (Who’s That Girl?)’ is like the biggest track on Hype Machine ever.

Nml x


CHASE: Bout 68mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/zanelowe/tracklistingarchive.shtml?20090609

YELLE: http://hypem.com