If it was any higher surely only me dog would hear it

Normally if you start talking about ridiculous high pitch vocals I get worried you’re going to start trying to tell me I should be checking out Akon’s new track. Not so my friend PASSION PIT may really work the ‘if it was any higher surely only me dog would hear it’ vibe but they do it to stunning effect, ‘Sleep Head’ is an absolutely amazing track.

Now you’ve probably picked up by now that I’m more than fond of a bit of funk, place a sum Housey 4/4 vibes on top and I’m atop that podium quicker than you can say ‘is he gay?’ Favourite discovery from this weekend was the return of DOUG WILLIS who I think is really Joey Negro who is really Dave Lee (pretty sure about that last bit at least). ‘Spread Luv’ will have you doing exactly that.

Last up a cover so kinda technically not pure new and pushing the boundaries of acceptance I know, I put my hands up! It is a brilliant piece of music guaranteed to having you going ‘aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s where it come from, that’s really good’ and I hope on that basis you’ll turn a blind Brand Nu eye. Covering the original track which was then famously sampled by the Prodigy check out EARL 16 – ‘Chase The Devil’.

nml x