If Meg bonked off Jack, ooh and subliminal messages

Official confirmation that the summer has arrived.. my flip-flops got their first airing of the year yesterday. Such seasonal joy hindered me from hopping on-line and sharing with you some of the great tunes I’ve heard over the last few days so lets get down to it.

I must start by sharing with you a thought I never thought I’d even experience let alone share with any living thing, especially such a sentient one as a human being. I like the new PJ HARVEY record. Now clearly such a confession/ assertion does register on the same Richter scale as my admitting to liking the new NICOLE SCHERZINGER track at the beginning of the week as PJ is a well loved and respected artist. But to be frank I’ve personally never really got the whole HARVEY thing so for me hearing and enjoying PJ HARVEY’s – ‘When Under Ether’ was an unexpected pleasure and one I anticipate I’ll be able to re visit a lot over the next month as the tune is likely to be caned by XFM and Radio One’s specialist peeps.

At opposite ends of my current musical awareness are RILO KILEY who I have never heard of and THE DEAD 60s who I am becoming increasingly fond of. The later’s new tune is out early September and I strongly recommend you check out ‘Stand Up‘. The more mysterious (to me at least) but nonetheless just as seductive RILO have a tune out in a couple of weeks called ‘The Moneymaker‘ which makes me think of what The White Stripes might sound like if A) Meg was the singer and B) She was any good. Does that make any sense? A great track.

Dance wise there are two tracks I really wanna give you a heads up on and not just because I love using that ridiculous phrase. THEATRE OF DISCO are I believe from Down Under and even though their tune ‘Kwik Allstars‘ overloads your system with subliminal messages asserting they are Kiwis I believe they are in fact Australian. Cutting up J-Zay in a house style it is a guaranteed ass wiggler and no doubt highly illegal too and want ever get past their myspace. SAMIN on the other hand has the House Music Gods behind him, otherwise known as being bestowed by Mr Tong with Essential Tune Status, ‘Heater‘ is very different to Tongy’s usual ET kinda vibe and is quite different all-round. I love my house music as you know but ain’t necessarily the most experimental area these days is it? This does sound a little bit different which is one of the reasons I really like it.