If The Doors Were Still Going This Is How They’d Sound

Two incredible tunes to share with you right here right now. Listening back to Mr Tong he introduced the world to this year’s ‘Samin – Heater’ although this year the inspiration is trumpet rather than some rare and unique Eastern European Harpsichord or something similar. SIS’s ‘Trompetta’ is immense, it’s that simple.

As is this ‘The Rose’ track from THE LAUGHING LIGHT OF PLENTY. Best described as the sort of tune The Doors would be making if Jimbo was still around having chilled out a bit after 40 years of sex,drugs and rockNroll. Its rolling, grooving and very psychedelic, more than anything else its just really, really good and you need it in your life my friend! They could also do with your friendship as they only have 200 on MySpace, unbelievable.

nml x


SIS 60mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/petetong/

ROSE http://www.myspace.com/thelaughinglightofplenty