Oh what jams and marmalade’s have I been enjoying recently I hear you not ask.

Well, to continue the cheesy names applied to pleasing sonic sounds theme going, there are a number of bangers thrilling my ears right now.

This new IGGY POP tune has surely got to be a contender for a ‘best piece of New Music by an old timer ever’ award, in fact it would be a dead cert if it wasn’t for that excellent NEW ORDER return a few months back ‘Tutti Frutti’. Loving ‘Gardenia‘.

KIIARA – o to the m to the g I cannot even tell you how much my ears drums love this track, not to mention my knees and inner thighs, they are proper bopping away as I write this realising both the futility and irony of that having just said I can’t find the words, not to mention how dodgy a bopping inner thigh sounds. ‘Gold’ by KIIARA ticks so many musical boxes for me we’re going to need to ask for more paper, like the geek in your GCSE English exam. Love this song, exams less so.

My love is also whole for 16 – 22 by DEAD BUTTONS, short of being a piece of Bangra Techno it would be hard for it to be more different to KIIARA,  I love it unconditionally, like a human loves their cutest puppy. An in your face (towards the ears) sonic assault of Korean Punk with a hint of Pop, if you are tired this song will wake you up, if you’re unhappy this song will make feel alive, if you’re struggling to get in the mood this song will transform you into a world renowned pornstar. Love, love, love it.

Had you gathered I like it?

It’s a fitting time of year to natter bout one of the more unique pieces of New Music I have heard in 2016, as students across the lands abandon their Uni Towns for the summer, ‘Student Experience’ by THE CHAP has become one of my favourite ditties. The song is vibey, the lyrics at times laugh out loud. My favourite piece of Satirical Pop Punk this year.

It’s a long list I tell ya.




IGGY POP – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m8TmlS20ZA

KIIARA – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sO9cBXRcBvo

DEAD BUTTONS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8N9l0MW5X7I

THE CHAP – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNC4x-GHiTc