I’m Better Than You In The Bedroom

Never heard of SPOON before yesterday when I was converted on the spot, the musical equivalent of love at first sight. Check out exactly how ahead of the game I am when it comes to spotting New Music by viewing ‘I Turn My Camera On’ on youtube, only another 500 000 others have. Man I’m on it!

I like the borderline DnB direction of new the musical offering from COUNT & SINDEN, particularly the bits that are slightly jungle-book-tastic, and then there is the raga tip too! Nice one gents. Check out ‘Strange Things’. B-Side ‘Elephant 1234’ is nearer to their usual sort of musical mayhem.

Count has sent us in a dirty manic direction so let’s complete the direction. Ya heard of VIRUS SYNDICATE? Their name is almost onomatopoeic in that it instantly conjures up an accurate image of their skanky, bassy urban sound. ‘Anything’ is not onlythe  most popular track on their myspace but the spits r quite amusing too… ‘I’m better than you in the bedroom la la la’

Not really, I’ve heard you’re absolutely amazing ; 0 )




SPOON http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ro95Ns58qSE

COUNT http://www.junodownload.com/products/1484411-02.htm

VIRUS http://www.myspace.com/virus_syndicate