I’m feeling nervous

A couple of heads up for ya, one of which is making me kinda nervous giving that I do have this about new music (you noticed yeh?). I am loving what I think is the new tune from possible Eve beau Ty but I am nervous cause it is evoking that vague ‘I’m sure I know you’ kinda vibe that you get about things that remind you of when you were five.

But I am assertively not so reliably informed that the ‘The Tale‘ is new featuring on a fresh-up Big Dada compilation. Regardless of whether I am committing Brand Nu blasphemy it is a damn good tune. I just hope Eve has heard it cause it’ll give her a good insight what sort of mischief she is letting herself in for!

Gideon Conn ‘I Want You Around’ is another rather good piece of chilled understated funk that could be hiphop or street folk depending on your particular perspective. More importantly it is an excellent tune and you can check it out in awesome My Space stereo on the link below.

Have a great weekend you

nml x