Immense Noise

The OPTIMO remix of  Liquid Liquid’ ‘Optimo’ (yes really) is a fabulous track which has more than a tweak of that Township Funk track about, is this the sound of Autumn 2008 I see before me? I still love it but it is perhaps time someone took over the baton from the Herve sponsored Electro-Squelch sound.

The new KANYE WEST track ‘Love Locked Down’ is really doing it for me although I can understand why some are unsure. A deserved Zipper Hotest Record its different and isn’t that one of the things we love about Kanye? He is a rapper that innovates and that’s one of the things that makes him special.

My final heads-up is for a band I saw the other day that I have only just recovered from experieincing (that is so the right word, hearing or seeing is not enough) so immense is the noise (once again spot on word, music is too much of an understatement) they make. I can’t select one tune so unaware of exactly what was going on was I that I didn’t even realise there was a lead singer till about half way thru their immense set. In my defence she is really little, looks quite sweet too… until she opens her mouth. Check out PONYTAIL.

nml x



KANYE 30mins in