In Ur Face 90s Grunge vs In Ur Face 90s Rave

New band to me KILLAFLAW have got a real modjo bout them, not in an Austin Powers (am I coming across as a bit Austin obsessed this week?) 60s Yeah Baby way but a gritty, in ur face early nineties grunge vs early 90s rave kinda way. Fav track so far ‘Holy Funk’ epitomises that vibe perfectly.

There is an understandable buzz around PROFESSOR GREEN and his new single ‘Hard Night Out’ but for me its the J-Zay-Esque swagger on ‘Ballers is Bouncin’ that is doing it for me.

Maintaining the very gritty vibe of today’s New Music deluge I’d like to high five the new CASSIUS track. I feel this is a real tour de force (see what I did there?) for the only French citizens who can touch the Daft Punkers. ‘Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes’ is absolutely massive

Nml x