RUDIMENTAL’s ‘Feel The Love’ has more than an aura of ‘summer smash’ about it, we just need this stupid sodding  rain to end (is it just me or is this the wettest drought ever?). A massive slab of D’n’B hugeness topped off soulfully by a moving vocal from John Newman. Seriously you don’t often get this level of emotion in a vocal over a D’n’B track, best stab at this vibe since Liam Bailey worked his magic on Chase and Status’s Blind Faith.

I’m a big fan of DISCLOSURE, their take on House is right up my EDM avenue, so no surprise I’m really feeling their new track ‘Boiling Point’. Equally at home in a chill-out set on the breach or as the club main room is starting to step up, this is a quality slab of four to the floor House Music, love it.

INDIANA is a brand new discovery of the highest, highest order. To the extent that I’m almost disbelieving my ears, how can someone this good not already be signed to some fuck off massive record label? Surely there is some masterplan going on here? It would seem not, this appears an authentic example of that moment all us New Music lovers live for, the discovery of a totally undiscovered talent who we can now watch and enjoy as they ride all the way to the top. And have no doubt the top is exactly where Indiana is destined. A ‘female James Blake’ is my succinct but lazy one-line description, baring in mind the only truly accurate description for Indiana is that Indiana sounds like Indiana. A unique, emotive, raw talent that I think can go all the way.

You may have gathered I rate her, strongly recommend you check out ‘Blind As I Am’.






INDIANA: Ten mins in –