Indie Pop and Inheritance Tax

I have a number of indie gems to share with you. And they are all from bands that I know very little about so I hope you’re feeling brave as we delve into the indie unknown.

I really like the energy of THE AUTHOR’s ‘Taxi’. As always with me in many ways it comes back to the funk. There is a definite driving energy to this track which I love, the quirky lyrics are a pleasant layer of icing on top.

THE BETS are a midlands based band, from Nottingham I think. Its only when you hear a track like their ‘Biggs Broke‘ that you realise how much good undiscovered music there is out there across the country. I’d never heard of this lot yet I could imagine them on Top Of The Pops (if it actually still existed!)

THE TING TINGS – ‘Fruit Machine’ is very different to The Authors but very similar too (its been a long week). Its another one of those driving indie tracks with real funk and pop tendencies. I sense a definite vibe about a whole load of a bands which kinda feels like Wave Two of the funk indie thing that Franz Ferdinand started. On the underground side of things we have bands like The Tings and on the pop side breaking through bands like Reverend and The Makers who I believe TTT are currently on tour with.

Happy Weekend

nml x



All the papers are going on about Inheritance Tax this week and I just don’t get it.. its unfair, unjust, daylight robbery etc Surely there is no better tax in the world than one due after your dead when it aint your problem?!

I’m tempted to leg it straight round the tax office now and offer to do a deal to make all my tax due after death. I could do the tax equivalant of one of those debt recovery scheems… ‘want to bundle all your taxes into one never have to pay back cause you’ll be six foot under payments?’ This could be genius. Don’t get taxed, spend loads having fun and leave your kidz to worry about it when you pop it. I just hope no one tells our parents.