Indie Wall Of Sound And Scary Noises

CRYSTAL CASTLES are a forward thinking right in your face bunch, I like that. And that’s why even though certain parts of ‘Baptism’ will hurt certain people’s ears I’m loving it.

My second brand new ‘north-eastern’ discovery in seven days really liking a song called ‘If My Heart Stop Beating’ by a band called AIR TO ACHILLES. It’s got a real big ‘Indie Wall of Sound’ vibe to it, rousing vocal as well as its fair share of random electronic noises which is always a winner with me.

Now let’s end on a poppy note with an act and song that could possibly cross over. More than a Las Vegan hint of Brandon about the vocals of the PERFORMANCE, well at least on anthem in the making ‘Living’. Looking at the slickness of the video I’d say these guys have got some resources behind em, expect to hear a lot more!