Inspector Gadjet

Delighted to say I got well and truly funked over the weekend, Tuesday lunchtime and I’m just starting to work properly again (after all the dancing you dirty bugger). That uplifting musical moment that is hearing a new tune for the first time on a dance floor, ears being pummelled by a great system and the last remaining parts of your conscious (the rest of your being totally lost in the musical moment) thinking what is this got totally confused as I came to the resounding conclusion what I was experiencing must surely be the new Gnarls Barclay tune (which I hear is out there somewhere but I ain’t heard it yet)…. BUT NO!

Post boogie investigation informed me that I had been dancing to the funktastic new track that was a hidden LUPE FIASCO album gem called ‘Go Go Gadjet Flow‘. Great tune, possibly even better name, you and I need his new album in our respective lives now.

Two other funky tracks I experience on my Saturday night out were the new JANET JACKSON of all things, I say that but she has made some top tracks over the year and funky-wise her family’s pedigree aint too shabby! ‘Feedback‘ is definitely worth a listen if you like your tunes with a groove.

VOODOO CHILLI’s ‘Get Down’ is even funkier paying worthy tribute to its Jimi Hendrix undertones. Quite simply this is fantastic funky house music to make the coolest of the ‘too cool for skool’ submit to the demands of the dancefloor.

On the more eclectic vibe I heard a downtempo chugga chugga tune at Saturday evenings’ after ceremonies by an artist called RED which really caught my ear and I sense might catch yours, the track is called ‘Seen‘.

And as for MONSTER BOBBY’s ‘Lets Check Into A Hospital Together’ it just makes me laugh. And musically if you aren’t going to funk me the next best thing you can do is amuse me. Love this track. Just hope it doesn;t mean the end of the Pippettes, always wary of the ego-damage down by side projects!

nml x