THE REVEREND gets a lot of grief which annoys me. Why are so many peeps put out to see some one who actually cares? Whether you agree with him or not, like or loath his music surely you can see and agree the man really cares? We haven’t seen that much of that this decade, certainly amongst us youngsters and he’s spot on that there is real lack energy and chaos from our musicians these days, come on indie stars start a Revolution!

So if you aren’t already aware I thought I’d give you a quick heads up on Rev’s INSTIGATEDEBATE.COM project, which really does what it says on the tin. He’s trying to encourage us to explore our opinions, thoughts and values by confronting celebs on theirs on big issues like the supposed war on terror, nuclear power and other political biggies. I like this idea of citizen journalism with a focus on bringing some thought to celeb culture.

And for all the haters what is the worst that can happen? This ain’t going to create more crap pop music or self-delusional celeb wannabes. At a min its going to get music fans thinking and talking… just like we are now!

Big up the Rev

nml x