Is Benter still having nightmares?

A diverse range of cracking tunes implanting themsleve in my conscious this week. I’m getting excited about MGMT having now heard the new album, surely the fabulous ‘Electric Feel‘ will be the next single??

Almost as excited about MGMT as I am about the musical regression therapy that is FRILLA and their 1993-tastic ‘Marioland Thrilla‘. Beeps and squeaks that remind you of innocent days wasted on your gameboy it does also stand alone as a really good piece of music, but most of all it will make you feel 7 again.

Handbrake turn to a very different but none the less musically impressive vibe let me mention the incredible CIBELLE, a unique slightly scary (kinda Portisheading in aura without actually sounding like her) vocal I really like ‘City People‘. APparently she did a live session on John Kennedy’s Exposure on Wed (I was in the pub watching the footy, I wonder if Benter is still having nightmares?) so I reckon we shud all head that online way right now.

nml x