Its Been a While

I’d love to carry on blaming the IT gremlins for it now being Wednesday and me still not having posted from the weekend but actually that is exactly the chappy to be blaming this time around…. The weekend.

Easter Weekend kicking off with The Last Supper and all that religious jazz, the nearest the Big Man ever got to a Stag Do it seems almost our divine duty to have it large. After all we need some juicy sinning material for the Priest on Good Friday the next day!

Festivities began at a Cuban club which truly put the funk into everybody. Heard a couple of cracking tunes but the combo of loud music, incoherent texting and the fact they were all in another language means I have nothing to share with you but the memories and encouragement that if you ever get the chance to sample the Castro Republic make sure you do cause obviously it’ll be exactly the same as this club!

The night’s end destination was totally British… dark, gritty and bouncing in other words a dump but everyone was having it. Heard one of those band/ dance combo kinda tracks that are more in vogue than skinny jeans and plimsolls in the form of MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS (finally I get to a tune!). Really like their new ‘Shadows’ tune.

But without doubt my night’s highlight was a track I’m sure I’ve mentioned before but just in case I’ll mention it again and that is the stand-out for me from the JUSTICE album, the enormous, the immense, the yes its even better than D.A.N.C.E, may I intro you to please the incredible ‘DVNO’.

Speaking of enormous, immense sounds there is no other apt description but that x100 for the first track I’ve heard fo the forth-coming LONDON ELEKTRICITY album. He’s been going on about for ages on his podcast (almost more often than his moans about his bad back) and it looks like the man might be about to deliver, ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ is humongous! You know how beautiful that Johnny L track was this, this is the largeness equivalent!

Nml x