Its really gratifying to realise Annie Mac reads t…

Its really gratifying to realise Annie Mac reads this blog and also somewhat surprising as I haven’t told anyone about it yet let alone all these showbiz radio one connections that I don’t actually have. Yet sure enough listening to hear standing in for Zane there were all those tunes we chatted about yesterday it was quite uncanny, so if you’ll allow me an online moment of self-delusion or two let me draw your attention to

where you’ll note at one stage I think three of four tracks in a row were MALAKI (thanks for pointing out its called ‘Battle’ Annie), The FOALS plus REVEREND and the watsits.

Fair dues to the lady she did also drop Alloy Mental which leaves me pondering that age old dance dilemma of what counts as new… their originally titled single ‘Alloy Mental’ isn’t released till August but I swear I first heard over a year ago such are the Darwinistic ways of dance music evolution. Also respect is due to the Mac for making the excellent slection of GO TEAM! for hottest record with their new single ‘Doing It Right’, I think/ hope I mentioned that a while back.