Its the weekend so lets talk dance. Already mentio…

Its the weekend so lets talk dance. Already mentioned Axwell and Armand Van Helden as possibilities to toxify the pop purity of the charts this summer and I think (said as if this is some sort of stunning insight or something) that Mr Le Grande is going to be sticking his oar in. SO far Fedde has in my mind successfully negotiated what I call the Armand Sinclar tightrope.. Van Helden has stayed credible and true whilst making the odd hit, Bob has basically set up a cheese factory, Fedde is so far doing the former. His new track Let Me Think About It is another cracker that will get played by Tong as much as Pearce, at least until it charts when Mr Roll Another Phat One will probably be on his own!

Quite similar to Fedde and no doubt inspired by the thought of raising one’s hands up for Detroit is this Freaks track. The Creeps has had the compulsory vocal added to ensure chart success, it will work but in true old man style I must protest it was much better before!

On the more credible vibes I find myself sharing a feeling with you I never thought I’d be sharing, I like a Bloc Party record. It is admittedly the totally transformed Fury666 remix of Hunting for Witches. Great bass on it. Enjoying the new material so far coming from Rosin Murphy, she was the singer in Moloko and there is clearly a new album on the way, things are leaking out slowly so she’s clearly playing hard to get prob lining stuff up for Ibiza… maybe the Radio One weekend?

Tunes heard on the radio last night that got my feet tapping include yet another Sinden track, heard this on Zane Lowe but he actually has his own show on Kiss which is worth checking as this guy is almost single handedly building his own new genre of house.. its funky, dirty, grimey what shall we call it? Toxic House anyone? This particular track is a collab with Trevor Loveys called Organ Grinder. Liked the new Tokyo Police Club record that Zane also played called Your English. Got to big up their record label Memphis Industries at this point, home to TPC, the lovely Pipettes, I think the Rapture (?) and definitely also the Go! Team, not a bad little rosta.

BUT Jon Kennedy I bow down to the most exciting new track I heard last night on your legendary Xposure show on Xfm, an oasis of new music on the increasingly commercial X. Check out a band called Chrome Hoof and their latest single ‘Tonyte’ , its awesome.

Oh and the new South Central track Tonight is pretty hot too.