I’ve been such a fool I really hope you can forgiv…

I’ve been such a fool I really hope you can forgive me. I found this incredible piece of funk last week, exactly the sort of thing you could imagine Mr Brown bashing out in the 70s and I forgot to share it with you… sorry : 0 (

Its by a band I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of before called THE HEAVY but that’s not surprising is it as obviously they hail from the ghetto of some north American city don’t they? No my friend THE HEAVY are from Bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what I call a head-scratcher, do what ever you have to to get your hands on ‘That kind of man’ as it is an incredible track – so funky.

As we went all soulful yesterday lets create some musical balance and get back to the guitars. Really like the new MALAKI track but I don’t know its name, I know I’m such an expert at this game – just call me Lamo. Speaking of Steve L I do know that the new CAJUN DANCE PARTY track is called ‘Amylase’ and the new FOALS track ‘Mathletics’ and that are both rather good. Some thing that is totally awesome though and is leaving me feeling disturbingly excited about the forthcoming new album is the new REVEREND AND THE MAKERS track.

This band come with a health warning for all straight men. I do not care how hetro you think you are you will find yourself fancying the lead singer of this band, if you have any doubts or insecurities about your sexuality stay well clear! I Saw them play two months ago and he is the most charismatic human being since that bearded bloke 2000 years ago. I haven’t felt so drawn to a man since seeing Pulp in Finsbury Park nearly ten years ago, suddenly I realised why all the girls who kept rejecting me and my perfect hair fancied the geek that was Jarvis. The new Reverend song is as good as Heavyweight Champion and I am sure this band are set for super stardom. Now let me make this clear… I ain’t gay or ought and I don’t feel so insecure in my own sexuality that I feel the need to assert this fact it just blurted out.. kinda.