I know I’ve been really rubbish at keeping in touch this year, this has its positives though. Uno you haven’t had to listen to me rabbiting on as much as usual plus secondly it means there’s a real quality not quantity vibe about the tracks we’ve nattered about this year. I’d like to start our December chinwag with two exceptional ladies.

A few days back an artist I’d never heard of assaulted my eardrums in the most wondrous way they could conceive should my ears ever evolve to have their own ability to experience conscious thought separate from my brain. If the world’s leading musical scientists had done an mri scan to assess my juiciest musical sweetspots, then downloaded that data into the mind of the world’s leading cyborg producer they would have done well to make a tune nailing it more for me than ‘Makeba’ by JAIN. If you like to funk, if you live for the dancefloor, if there is no where you are happier than taking up home by the bass bins, this is the tune. Absolute animal of a song. My track of the year. NO DOUBT.

LAURA MARLING is an English treasure, if she was a stately home rather than a stunningly gifted human being, the National Trust would definitely want to own her. As buildings can’t yet write songs, we are lucky Laura is a human. It means her new creation ‘Soothing’ is in our lives. I doubt the nature, and title, of a song have been this aligned since ‘Put your hands up in the air’. It is soothing, it is endearing, it’s slightly dark, it contains a dash of groove, it’s a little bit mysterious. It’s really fucking good. Wrap your ears around it now.

Keeping the ladies vibe going, but with a little bit of help from the other side of the gender fence. The Mike D Remix of WARPAINTS’s ‘New Song’ is freakily close to the result my imagination would expect should the above two (Jain and Laura), seemingly acres apart tracks, have conceived a musical baby. There is lots of groove in this song, there is simultaneously lots of restraint, if that’s even a thing in music? This song sits at the back at the class being cool, saying nothing effortlessly oozing charisma. It’s the person who’s cool and likeable without trying, so much so you want to dislike em, but you just can’t.

I appreciate I am chatting bollocks now, just check them all out. These are three special pieces of music.




JAIN –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59Q_lhgGANc

LAURA –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It1WyeztNoI

WARPAINT–  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCS4OTgaHeM