James Bond Style Baddie Beads Manufacturer Masterplan

My biggest tune of a massiv weekend was enjoyed driving between venues listening to Rider Radio on radio uno. A white label called Soul 77 by producer LOZ CONTRERAS is absolutely massiv in a liquid, chilled, reflective DnB kinda way.

I’m feelin the in your face skank and vibe of ‘I Got My Beads On’ by FR3E and I’ll bet any money (as there often is with urban stuff) there is an entrepreneurial agenda. Yeh the tune is catchy more than standing up on its own right but I can’t help feel this is part of some James Bond Style Baddie Beads Manufacturer Masterplan to get us all buying beads??!

On a totally diff vibe giving some insight in2 the musical diversity of my weekend let me mention the SPECTRALS. A kinda low-fi Beach Boys who listened to Nirvana acoustically in their youth my fav tune from them so far is CANT WE PLEASE JUST STOP. Which is kinda up there on the ‘not really thought thru song names/ song lyrics’ podium with Cascawatsit’s Evacuate The DanceFloor.




SOUL http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/fabioandgrooverider/

BEADS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-LOiEMSyo

SPECTRALS http://www.myspace.com/spectralspectral