Japanese Popstars And HipHoppers Called BOB!

I love the slow confident building swagger of the new track from JAPANESE POPSTARS. Had a fair bit of love for their stuff over the years, be interested to see how this goes off in their sets baring in mind the slower tempo. I for one will be down the front when ‘Destroy’ is dropped.

Thanks to Andi Durrant off of Galaxy FM for introducing me to my House track of the weekend. The song title is currently a really helpful ‘Unknown’, the artist is WORTHY AND YANKEE ZULU. An absolutely awesome minimal-ISH funky techy destroyer of a House track. Listen back to Andi’s show (I’ve linked to it below).

Finally on a different vibe a new artist with the greatest name in the world… BOB!! Yes BOB! What a genius name, particularly for a hiphop artist!! The blingest of genres, the most librarian/ trains spotter of names! His ‘Pass My Shades’ track is great but of course it would be cause its got Lupe Fiasco on it.





JAP: http://www.myspace.com/thejapanesepopstars  

WORTHY: http://www.galaxyyorkshire.co.uk/andi-durrant-saturday-playlist-2973 /              http://www.myspace.com/djworthy

BOB: http://bridgingtheverse.com/2010/04/18/b-o-b-past-my-shades-ft-lupe-fiasco/