JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE have never floated my boat as radio djs but when they get in the studio they can certainly bust out a tune. New track ‘Remember’ is their best production to date, or at least that’s the message my ears are sending to my typing fingers right now. This latest slab of Jandy G (see what I did there?) goodness is a top notch (did I just say ‘top notch’?) piece of four to the floor House music, me like, a lot.

No surprise that a homo sapien as predisposed to funk as I is loving the new DAFT PUNK track, what with DP, PHARREL & NILE RODGERS representing something of a wet dream to me (possible shouldn’t mention wet dream in the same sentence as DP). ‘Get Lucky’ is a track that pushes no boundaries yet totally delivers in a timeless could be as home in ‘77 as ‘13 kinda a way. It also has a knack of sounding just like you’d hope a DP, PH & NR track would sound, and as for that lyric, ‘we stay up all night to get lucky’ that could will be the line of summer 2013.

Let’s chat about a band, albeit one who ooze the potential to make you dance almost as much as the dancefloor booty above. WONDER VILLAINS are a new bunch of glamorous criminals to me, hailing from the northern part of the Emerald Isle their track ‘Blonde’ has caught my attention with its very ‘Something-I-Can’t-Quite-Put-My-Finger-On-Vibes’. It’s a great Indie-Pop track, that simple really, let’s not over analyse at this late hour.




JAYMO & ANDY GEORGE: https://soundcloud.com/jaymoandandygeorge
DAFT PUNK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxp0PFoIdmU
BLONDE: http://outpostmusicpr.amazingtunes.com/tunes/178567