Jesus Is A B-Boy

Big up to Mr Hilcock doing a fine job doing the impossible… covering for John Kennedy on Xfm’s X-posure. Big up in particular for reminding me of a tune I’ve been meaning to mention (and yes NME gave me a nudge too) and introing me to a fab new one.

The ‘been meaning to’ track is ‘Golden Phone’ by MICACHU. It is very Hot Chip-Esque, in fact it sounds a bit like Hot Chip on a budget but I mean that in a good way if that makes any sense at all? Very quirky, quite happy, unique, I like it a lot.

I have tried to write this next paragraph two times already so my fingers are intensely crossed that I’ll be third time lucky in insisting you check out  Ben Mono‘s ‘Jesus Was A B-Boy’ and we together beat my IT gremlins. A great concept all-round but it really does need to be the SHIR KHAN REMIX.It’s funny how I’ve written about this track differently each time but the essence is… how could a song with such a good title not be anything other than ace?

My (as if I actually write them) third musical beauty I suggest you spoil your ear drums with is the latest gem from the CHEMICAL BROTHERS which is called ‘Keep My Composure’. I’m getting annoyed with my computer now so you’ll need to just trust me on this one.





B-BOY bout 11.30pm