I’ve actually had the pleasure of seeing JIMMY THE SQUIRREL live and even had a natter with singer Liam O’Kane who is a thoroughly nice chap. Must confess I’d forgotten to mention (partly due to lameness partly due to difficulty in choosing fav track) but then I was knocked off my chair into remembering by hearing Liam signing on a Radio One promo! GO Liam. Trusting in the judgement of the masses ‘This One’s For You’ is the most listened to track on myspace so why not check that.

I’ve always liked THE ENEMY as much for their lyrics and attitude as their music and I’m looking forward to hearing (as one of the few artists with something anywhere near political to say) the current in flux state of the world. ‘No Time For Fears’ bodes well for that prospect and really resonates as a title in current times.

There is a definite groove about the musical brilliance of CASIOKIDS. I really like their quirky, funk vibe which paints such a picture of what they must be like as individuals and looking at their myspace the music don’t ever lie! Check out the ‘I’m sure it makes sense in Norwegian’ ‘Fot I Hose’

Nml x


JIM:  www.myspace.com/jimmythesquirrel

CASIO http://www.myspace.com/casiokids