Josh and I want ya to Stay Out All Night

I really like the DOES IT OFFEND YOU YEAH! remix of OK TOKYO’s ‘You Better Believe It’, it’s a really big piece of indie electro destined to be caned at mid-week indie discos across the country.

JOSH WINK is one of the greatest House Music producers of all time simply by virtue of his 90’s ‘Higher State’ track. Now I’m not saying his new song is in that league but its definitely worth a listen or to be more exact a boogie/ rave. Check out and indeed do what it says on the tin to ‘Stay Out All Night’. Something tells me if you are the type of individual who enjoys this track you won’t need Josh or me to tell ya that.

A tune I don’t know the name of but I can describe is the title track to THE TING TINGS album. I’ve luv’d everything from them so far and seeing them live the other night they closed with this stormer. But I didn’t catch the name just that it will be the album title, so as soon as we find that out perhaps you can tell me which new Ting Ting’s track it is that I like so much! I’d be very grateful : 0 )
nml x

PS Been umming and ahing about whether to mention the new FRATELLIS track, far from convinced on first listen although starting to warm to the Status Quo-esque vibe guess, regardless of my feelings something tells me that ‘Mistress Mabel‘ will be violate the Top 10.