So assertively does ‘Lonely Daze’ by KATE TEMPEST assert Speech Debelle vibes I had to double check Kat T wasn’t SDB’s real name, she having gone solo from herself, if such is a thing possible. This is a boss tune (yes I said boss deal with it). Complimented by acerbic lyrics, charismatic delivery and more than a dose of swaggering street groove. Yeah you know – swaggering street groove.

I read about JUNGLE in the NME in Jan (yep I’m the dude still buying it) but have only just got round to listening, my ears are very disappointed with my tardiness. ‘Busy Earnin’ is a right aural treat, it’s got everything. Euphoric vocal? Check. Funkatron? Check. Need for clarity on what ‘funkatron’ means? Check. This is a big, big tune full of groove, pop and a slice of edge – 21st Century Motown if ya will.

‘Blog Efficiency’ isn’t the most inspiring reason to mention a track, and it ain’t the reason, it’s just a bonus. Two very tasty up and coming talents, combining to very sweet effect, forgive me I believe that should be sweeeetttttttttttttttt. INDIANA, who we first shouted about (literally I was shouting as I typed) nearly two years ago, has let LOOPHOLE PROJECT loose on her new track ‘Solo Dancing’. The result is the musical equivalent of a duvet day with non stop Eddie Murphy DVDs, loadza chocolate and a hottie, after working ten straight sixteen hour days.  An aural duvet day, bliss.





JUNGLE: http://www.clashmusic.com/videos/jungle-busy-earnin

KATE TEMPEST: https://soundcloud.com/bigdadasound/kate-tempest-lonely-daze

INDIANA LOOPHOLE PROJECT: https://soundcloud.com/loopholeproject/indiana-solo-dancing-loophole