Stuck In RnB No Man’s Land

I have this no doubt ridiculously flawed theory that the week is for gigging and the weekend for raving. Strict adherence to that theory unsurprisingly means all my musical discoveries weekend just gone are grab ya from the bar and get ya raving types, albeit each track grabbing ya in its own particular way.

What I luv about KENNY KEN’s ‘Everyman Remix’ is the quite subtle way in which it is so totally massive, a fabulous track with quite a haunting (in a fun way if that is at all possible??) reggae sample and a nice male afro vocal. Great rack*.

O’NEAL MCKNIGHT is a new artist to me and I fear as much as I’m loving his ‘Check Your Coat‘ track he may get stranded in RnB no-man’s land. It’s in that up-tempo zone that Mr Timberlake nails so effectively as he crosses over into pop radio world and commercial club land BUT often leaves a lot of RnB fans unimpressed. Possibly alienating what should be his core following but without enough celebrity oomph to get him into popworld Mr McKnight could sadly be left hanging : 0 ( Great track though : 0 )

Speaking of successfully making yourself a new home in popland ALEX GAUDINO safely made it across the House music rapids with the totally infectious Destination Calabria (although his Little Love track is my personal AG fav) and he’s got another stormer on the way. When ‘Watch You‘ came on on Saturday it was one of those classic ‘What the F:@K is this’ moments. Check the link below to listen on his My Space… this guy is great at sampling big riffs!

nml x

* Reading back realised my typo but thought it would be funnier if I left it in : 0 )