Kate Nash Goes Gangsta

I’ve been dilemming over this for ages and I’ve just got to get it out in the open… I just can’t deny any longer. I feel the need for that blissful moment of release when you’ve been gagging for a pee for ages, and I need that bliss even if it requires the shame of metaphorically getting out nml junior in the street and letting rip.

Yes I admit it I like the new KATE NASH Record. Happy now? Ok, ok I love the new Kate Nash record! The beat on PUMPKIN SOUP is totally sick (listen to me going all gangsta). I am serious though, if she made that herself she deserves a medal, preferably straight outta Broklyn. Crikey I’m so down with it I can’t even spell the Hood properly.

Before you think I’ve gone totally mad I should probably also get it out there that I’ve succumbed to the seduction of some German Romany Pop, yes that’s right I’ve fallen for the bearded lady and being German that’s probably not all that’s hairy. TURLITAWA SHUTKA’s ‘Romano Chavo’ is really funky, as well as you might expect a wee bit different.

Couple of House bits that caught my attention over the weekend include ADAM K’s ‘Twilight Love’ and the new SAM SPARRO track ‘Black and Gold’. Both highly likely to get your feet tapping in my opinion, the former is quite euphoric whilst the later has quite a haunted quality about it. Speaking of Sam Sparro drop one ‘R’ and you have the excellant new track by SPARO called ‘The Feeling’. Confused? Well at least we’ve been able to empty our bladders now.

nml x