“It’s been on constant repeat” is such a cliché but with KILO KISH’s ‘Navy’ it’s totally true, the last 48 hours little else has had a look around the world of my ears. It sounds nothing like it but my reaction to this track is similar to when I first heard ‘Thou Shall Always…’ by Messrs Scrob & Le Sac. A ‘what the hell is that?’ and a ‘this is different’ fusing together to create musical lust at first sight. This could go viral and be a Number One or equally vanish without trace remembered only by the lucky few. Please let’s be clear Miss Kish, I will always remember you, your beats and your saucy lyrics.

One track that has sneaked into my life during rare breaks from listening to ‘Navy’ is the new banger from BOYS NOIZE. ‘Ich Bin You’ is classic German dance floor hugeness. It’s definitely Electro-House whilst being a pretty Getta-Cheese free zone, but with a real Disco Funk undercurrent, I’ve yet to hear this in a club but I can already imagine the reaction.

An track that I spent plenty of quality time with over the weekend is my (current) favourite track on the new album from THE XX. ‘Sunset’ pays quite an ode to Jamie’s love of club culture and is probably the closest the band has come to his sound when producing solo. Being a big fan of le dancefloor no surprise then that I am feeling this, great for a really chilled after party where people are actually still dancing, albeit in a really chilled way (surprisingly, maybe that should be swaying on the spot?).


KILO KISH: Available digitally now.
THE XX:  Available digitally now.