Well I have a half decent excuse for us not talking about New Music together as much this year, stepping up efforts to help new musicians, making a load of videos helping you with some of the classic dilemmas facing musicains at the start of their career, more on that in a bit.

With honorary mentions to a loose collections of records that just about approximate my Top 10 non Nottingham tunes of the year.

The ‘what’s your favourite song of all time’ is always a tricky one to answer, and it’s not that different for track of the year. Partially cause it changes depending on the time of day, whether it’s sunny if you’re love or just been dumped. But if pushed, right now on this cold grey December day I would say , with a reasonable degree of confidence, that it is ‘Tokoliana’ by KOKOKO! The fact that there’s an interesting story behind the band, a highly innovative approach to making their sound, all brucey bonuses in the year brucey finally left us. This track is absolute fire, a total banger and other such expresisons of hugeness via the suggestion of violence. The bass, the vocal, the 137 different randoms sounds. I love this, and feel content declaring it my tune of the year. Not that anyone really cares.

‘Let’s Make Out’ DREAM WIFE scream, and who are you or I to disagree with this incredible two minutes and fifty five seconds of what ever you want to fucking call it. It’s raw, it’s in your face whatever that phrase actually means, it has a punk heart and a pop cardo vascular system, so catchy is it melodically, lyrically and energetic-ally (you get the drift). I admire the song as much as I love it. Sonic wife material.

Ever wondered why society loves a top three? Is it because there are three spaces on a podium and if it is why are their three spaces on a podium? I reckon it’s something to do with the ancient greeks, horny buggers. Literally. What ever historical sporting event or act of kink created the worldwide legacy of Top-Three-Itis so it is in 2017 and I find myself fumbling towards a Top Three songs of the year. Fumbling more than teen around the school bike sheds as the below ‘finalists’ list shows there are some incredible pieces of music that even months after first hearing them are still totally seducing my ear drums but right now, on this Day, I am going to say ‘Concrete’ by SHAME just about beats Charlotte and St Vincent knowing when I re-read this tomorrow I will already be having doubts, perhaps I could have a Top 3 for the bronze? Charlotte is outstanding, St Vinnie invigorating, SHAME make me think of Ian Curtis, of acne catlaysed teen angst, of nothing being tolerable except being down the front as a band blast out a sound as glorious as ‘Concrete’, the only acceptable escape when fourteen and three quarters angry at everything.

I am now going to cheat by shouting out a band / act / artist / musical human / combo of the year and that is without doubt CONFIDENCE MAN. ‘Bubblegum’, ‘Better Sit Down Boy’ and ‘Boyfriend’ being the stand out songs, and great tracks they are but it is all about the live. Live they ain’t just one of the best this year, they are one of the best ever, if that is too strong then how about one of the most fun ever? Live they are joyous. Fun, Bouncey, Mischieveous, Funky all the ‘ys and ‘ouses. If you ever have the chance to catch them live you must seize it, and if the universe is not presenting the opportunity to catch em live then you should kick the universe up the ass. And then seize it.








CHARLOTTE GAINSBURG – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkyIVKbCfG8

ST VINCENT – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9TlaYxoOO8



MELLA DEE – Techno Disco Tool


PALE WAVES – Television Romance

PINS – Serve The Rich

SUPERFOOD – Where’s The Bass AMp?

SNAPPED ANKLES – Hanging with the Moon

ESTRONS – Make A Mam

JAY Z ft Damien Marley – Bam

MR JUKES ft Charles Bradley – Grant Green

PUMROSA – Priestest

IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome