If you’ll allow me I’d like to flag up the return of two legends, and no I’m not going to start going on about GnR.

THE PRODIGY have got to be up there in anyone’s ‘who’s the greatest dance act of all time’  debates. I mean who is bigger? Maybe (and only maybe) The Chemical Brothers? Maybe FatBoy? There defo in the top three. Yet heritage often proves sadly meaningless when comes to new material. ‘Invaders Must Die’ is an exciting insight into a new album that might yet deliver and get us raving once again rather than crying into our Horlicks as to what lamos once great artists have become.

Lets go even further back for our second legend, ladies and gents I present you for the second time in two months with incredible New Music from Grace Jones. Admittingly this time benefiting from a fabulous AEROPLANE remix but the raw material is there in the original of ‘Williams Blood’ too.

nml x