LUPE + Pharrell + Alicia = Love

CASPA’s very heavily Chemical Brothers sampling ‘Back For The First Time’ is quite simply awesome in the opinion of  my ear drums. Trippy in parts, dubby (what a surprise) in parts, in your face in parts. One of the best samplings of the kings of sampling I’ve ever heard.

I’m no HipHop expert but having confessed upfront to my ignorance I must hail LUPE FIASCO as one of my fav (if not number one) rappers. He keeps producing chilled, funk fuelled beats that for my money only Pharrell can rival. And when the two link up? And throw in some Alicia vocals? Oh My Days (see how gangsta I am) the result is the incredible ‘Love Letter To The Beat’. Great track name too.

In some kind of ying and yang way the chill of Lupe has reminded of a dirty, aggressive in your face track that I’ve been forgetting to mention for a while now. I like the swagger of ‘Attack Music’ by THESE NEW PURITANS, I like its innovative musical nature, most of all I like it beat. Great tune.