Hey Up!

How are ya? Belated Happy New Year and all that jazz. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet but January is always a bit slow for New Music, ok real reason is I have been moving house a task that has put the ‘M’, the ‘I’ and the ‘S’ into MISSION. Man what a ball-ache, I feel like the Greek Finance Minister trying to make the sums add up. How hum at least January 2012 has been unusually forthcoming New Music wise.

M83 have been around a while but Twenty Twelve looks like being the year it all goes inter-stellar for them, which I think they’ll like, they have the vibe of a band who’d fancy a space trip. M83 are what Daft Punk would have sounded like if they formed a band rather than the greatest electronic duo of all time. They’ve followed up the awesome ‘Midnight City’ with the equally fab ‘Reunion’.

More than a hint of DP about MADOEN’s ‘Icarus’, more than a hint of space dust too (as well as general flying vibes what with that name and all). In the days of Dubstep and UK Funky it’s quite rare to a hear a great piece of phat, filtered House Music, this is exactly that. Music to fly to, big tune.

THE PHENOMENAL HANDCLAP BAND are just that, a band, they’re also phenomenal in the eyes of my ears (if such a sensory mash-up is possible). Perennial favourites of mine across 2011 I’m really feeling new single ‘The Right One’. The video to which has, yep you’ve guessed it, quite a spacey vibe.

Super Nova.




PHEN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSlYJbrU7Ac

M83: http://vimeo.com/32679690

MADEON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcFmL2TcaBs