Mahoosiv Tunes

Oh my Jolly Hockeysticks (just been sitting next to a really posh girl on the bus) the new JUSTICE remix of MGMT’s single (already tipped here a while back) ‘Electric Feel’ is absolutely humongous!!

It was very much a weekend of big, phat, large (insert your own random voluminous way of describing incredibly energetic New Music) tunes particularly actually on the electronic dance music vibe. DnB wise I caught several new tunes from DANNY BIRD as I was driving around on Sat night looking for a random Warehouse Party (I eventually found it courtesy of all the flashing lights outside, oops), check out Fabio’s show on Listen Again, especially for ‘Red Mist’.

My favourite House Music experience since we last spoke is a great piece of Funky House that manages to avoid the Edam trap that so much House Kandi falls down these days. I’ve never heard of KIDS& PALMEZ but that ignorance has not stopped me really enjoying their ‘Looove’ track.

And to bring some synergy (that should really be symmetry shouldn’t it?!) to this conversation let me end on another humongous Justice production, the AUTO Remix of ‘Stress’ is mahoosiv, I think the Justice boys may will soon have to go on a diet ; 0 )

nml x