Male Ballerina Nightclub Bouncers

I’m loving what I’m hearing from THE VERY BEST the highlight of which so far my ear drums potentially not so reliably tell me is ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’. Lyrically focused on one continent this is a track layered with influences from all over the world, thankfully it avoids sounding a mess ending up like the aural equivalent of that amazing mad soup yer mum makes that has everything including the kitchen sink thrown in.

On ‘Alphabeat Assassin’ MC LOWKEY shows himself to be a seriously nifty lyrist and performer. He’s like the rapper equivalent (yep I’m in a metaphorical mood) of the fleetest of foot male ballerinas who’s actually a nightclub bouncer when he’s not indulging his secret love of leotards and swans.

So what is CAPSULE’s ‘Eternity’ the equivalent of? Well it has quite a Passion Pit vibe about it which could be really insulting if they’ve been around longer. Metaphorically I guess its like a bubble gummy first year American Cheerleader.

Sorry not had much sleep

Happy Weekend : 0 )