Man there are some dodgy ‘new’ cover versions knoc…

Man there are some dodgy ‘new’ cover versions knocking around at the mo! As if Shirley Bassy doing Pink wasn’t guaranteed to screw your head I’ve just heard Sir Tom Jones’s attempt at The Artic Monkeys. If you’re feeling in a particulary perverse musical mood you might wanna check these out.

I shan’t be however as I have some serious humble pumpkin pie eating to do. I hadn’t been at all impressed by any of the new Smashing Pumpkins material heard so far and yet just before 8pm on Wednesday I couldn’t leave my car as Zane introduce you and me to the stormer that is United States – all nine minutes! I swear I felt 16 again (apart from the car driving bit of course, I don’t want you thinking I was joy-rider or anything). In fact it rounded off a pretty hot half hour or so that included that wicked Where’s my Money track (basically a drum n bass track with a dj chasing a promoter to get paid over it), the new Rakes which I really like and also another track that made me feel like a 90s teenager again.. Fatboy on the remix of a new Run DMC track continuing the hiphop tradition of releasing your best stuff when you’re dead.

By the way Hugh Stevens had a great show in the early hours of Thur morning. Not only did he inform me of the surname of that Eugene bloke I’d been going on about (its McGuiness by the way, dya think Hugh had been listening to Xfm?) but he had a live session from Breaking The Illusion which was fantastic… great beats, funny lyrics and top energy definitely worth checking again on the ole listen again.

As is Giles Peterson if you loved Roman Flugel’s Gehts Nocht as much as I did.. Giles plays his new track about30/ 40 mins into this weeks show.